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Damn Exciting Playoff Basketball

I'm checking right now to see if post titles can make it into moderation. That would be funny.

It seems like we're seeing some of the most exciting playoff basketball in a long time. For those of you (SCOTT) who don't think that David Stern is doing a good job, or don't think that the league is particularly healthy I throw out there that attendance was at an all-time high, city after city is still willing to sell it's soul to get an NBA franchise, and frankly the quality of play is really high right now. There has been no Michael Jordan to come in and assume the mantel, but the combination of guys like Lebron, Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade, and a ton of lesser players make me feel that not only if MJ's void being filled, but the void left by the Gary Payton, Shaq, Karl Malone, and even Allen Iverson generation of players is being filled up with new, young players who capture my interest and represent the league well.

Talk here about the playoff action, how these series rank with some of the all-time great playoff runs, and the general state of the league.