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Draft Lottery Tuesday

At 4:30 tonight the NBA will hold the lottery to determine the first three picks in this Junes NBA draft. Despite my repeated emails to Sonics Brass it appears that they will not be sending Danny Fortson to represent the team.

With only a 1.1% chance of recieving the top pick I for one will not be expecting the miracle. IF for some unknown reason we do luck out I only hope that we will be smart enough to draft Rudy Gay, even though the consequences of such a pick will cause havoc on this site.

Two questions for readers: Do you think the Sonics will use this years pick? If not, what type of player do we need to add this off-season to help make a playoff drive next year?

You all know my idea of the week, draft Randy Foye and attempt to deal Luke Ridnour for Josh Childress. Now that you've read mine suggest away.