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The Big Faller

Scott made his early draft prediction off the record last week, and I'm going to publish it here as a likely scenario. He called out Adam Morrison as being available when we pick at #10.

I've felt for a while that Morrison has the potential to be the biggest faller of the draft due to his diabetes. It is one of those "non-issue issues" that nobody will talk about but will just sit in GM's minds come draft day. I've felt that if he makes it past Portland he could see a tumble.

It was mentioned in the papers that Morrison will only work out for the top 4 teams and in my opinion that just cements the theory. He could go 2, 3, or 4 but if he slips past the Blazers (who are rumored to be infatuated with Roy for some reason...) then I think there is a real possibility of teams just passing him by. Sure Morrison is offensive oriented, a white-boy chucker who plays the same position as Rashard Lewis. That said I'd be thrilled if we nabbed him at #10. It is phenomenal value for that spot.