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Sam Smith: Still an Idiot

Last March Sam "idiot" Smith wanted to swap Gordon for Collison because Gordon wouldn't be happy coming off the bench for the Bulls. This would change for him by coming to Seattle? No.
Now, One-side Sam (he only sees one side of his dream deals) has this gem:
"So here's the deal, and to me it makes great sense for both teams: The Bulls' No. 2 pick and a player--probably Michael Sweetney--to Seattle for Ray Allen. Maybe the No. 16 pick, too, if necessary.

That somehow doesn't seem like enough for Allen, a six-time All-Star and probably the NBA's best shooter. But the Sonics, who have said they don't intend to trade Allen, are in financial trouble with a sale or move or both possible." - Sam Smith

The Sonics want two MORE picks because? They want Sweetney because Wilcox, Collison and Petro can't fill those minutes?
How does this make the Sonics better, One-side Sam?

The Answer: It doesn't, you idiot!

And no, it isn't enough for Allen.

I guess he has to write something in order to get paid. I just feel bad for the Chicago fans that still think Sam has a brain.