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Don't Just Say It, Wear It, Renton Sonics

I don't know if this will ever happen, but I love the effort.

From today's Seattle Times:
The Rotary Club of Renton will sell 900 T-shirts with the words, "Renton, Future Home of the Sonics" and on the back, "Ahead of the Key, Baby!" a play on the city's slogan, "Ahead of the Curve."

Rotary officials say the shirts are designed to advance the city's bid to host the Sonics, over a bid by Bellevue business leaders and the ongoing negotiations with Seattle over an expansion of KeyArena.

The club wants to "have people recognize that this is really a serious effort," said Don Bressler, a Rotary board member. "If we had 10,000 [shirts], I think we could sell them."

The shirts will go on sale Tuesday for $10 on the Renton Chamber of Commerce Web site,

A hundred of the shirts will be printed today for Rotary club members — with the first five going to Sonics headquarters to team honchos like Howard Schultz and Wally Walker.