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Where is the trade value?

Let’s get this all straightened out. The Raptors with the #1 overall pick would like to make a trade down. Charlotte at #3 would like to trade down or out. Atlanta at #5 would like to trade down, Minnesota at #6 would like to trade out, as would possibly Boston at #7 and Houston at #8. Orlando has interest in trading up for some of the same guys these teams are looking to trade down for.

When I look at the Sonics roster, draft projections, and needs the obvious answer to their problems is to trade out of this draft. Find some team willing to ship a solid veteran in exchange for a rookie. It sounds good, but c’mon how many teams are there looking to trade veterans for picks? Of those teams how many will give anything of value for the #10 pick?

While I understand the sentiment to trade the pick my feeling currently is that there will be little value available. Furthermore the Sonics have a proven track record of draft pick evaluation. They are better at picking players than they are at trades or free agents.

This year my gut feeling is that the Sonics need to make a “Robert Swift” type draft pick. Their chances of getting immediate impact via the pick or a trade are slight so they should swing for the fences and select a player like Tiago Splitter who will remain in Europe or a young athlete that they can plant in the NBADL for a couple of years.

What are your thoughts on being able to get decent value for the #10 pick in trade?