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Trading the #10 Pick

I don't think it is any huge suprise but reports are out that the Sonics are considering trading down in this year's draft to acquire a veteran player. The Seattle-PI's Gary Washburn has a piece in which he cites "several NBS sources" as saying the Sonics may look to move the pick and acquire both a veteran and a player to stash in the developmental league.

In addition to the trade news Washburn has several tidbits about the Sonics workouts. Scheduled to be in Seattle are Marcus Williams, Shawne Williams, Rodney Carney, and Ronnie Brewer. The last is a bit interesting because a large majority of mock drafts have us selecting Brewer but this is the time I've actually seen him mentioned in the same breath as the team. Of the team's past workouts he notes that the Sonics are not sure Foye will be available or that JJ Reddick is an impact player in the league.

Obvious questions generated by this report. Who would be the prospect we trade down to target? Who would be the veteran who could make a difference on this team? Why is Gary bothering to cover the team in June?

Seriously good work by Washburn in giving this team some springtime coverage that has been lacking in recent years.

While you're at it check out this astounding piece of work by my second favorite writer. The numbers are actually pretty amazing when you look at them...