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My Mock of the Moment

Since I'm just experimenting with dreamweaver and some can't read the mock draft page I'm going to throw out a mock in article form. We're actually getting to the point where Mocks should have something to them and the rumors will be either real or smokescreens. Always fun....

1) Toronto: Adam Morrison
Don't laught, there's a theory behind this one. Scott was talking about the Bull's recent love affair with Brandon Roy. The conspiracy theorist in him says that the Bulls are trying to encourage a Portland/Toronto swap. Morrison and Roy are at the tops of the Blazers wish list and it suddenly looks like a real possibility of Roy to Chicago and Morrison to Charlotte. The Bulls hope Portland panics, trades to the top to get one of their guys, and removes the chance that Toronto takes the guy Chicago really wants...
2) Chicago: LaMarcus Aldride
The only top guy on the board who fits their needs. He makes the most sense for the Bulls.
3) Charlotte: Rudy Gay
Would have preferred Morrison but that's how it goes.
4) Portland: Andrea Bargnani
This pick goes to Toronto who wanted him all along
5) Atlanta: Shelden Williams
This one could be a smokescreen but the rumors are too rampant. I don't get picking him this high but I'll buy in for now.
6) Minesotta: Brandon Roy
Not really what they need but a solid pick for a team that just needs more talent around Kevin Garnett. They are suprised he slipped and take him.
7) Boston: Patrick O'Bryant
I still think they take the guy based on the injury to Kendrick Perkins.
8) Houston: JJ Reddick
Will look hard at Marcus Williams or Randy Foye here but in the end decide that Tracy McGrady needs the ball in his hands. Having a guy who can straight spot up and shoot solves problems for a team that has tons of talent, but needs more wins. This is a reach. More likely they trade this pick to Orlando who takes the PG and they select reddick at #11
9) Golden State: Tyrus Thomas
The big faller who didn't want to work out for anyone. Thomas committed the double sin of not completing competative workouts AND telling that he is a SF, not a PF. Can anyone say Keon Clark?
10) Seattle: Marcus Williams
Fans are stunned that both Williams and Foye are on the board for this pick. Stunned that we pick Williams over Foye, then even more stunned when we trade him. This is a great scenario for the Sups because as the top rated pure PG in the draft Williams has solid trade value for teams looking to fill that position.

What are your draft thought as of this morning? We won't hold you to them because lots is likely to change.