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A different top-10?

Two days after finding one very interesting read on the draft I stumble across this read on The author does a nice job of using empirical data to try to figure out which of the players in this draft have the best chance at success, not looking at who projects to do well based upon preconcieved notions.

For the local guys it doesn't look particularily good as both Roy and Morrison grade out significantly lower than they are currently being projected on rumor sites. Outside of the number 1 guy on the list being significantly different than whose being projected the guys that really stick out have to be Kyle Lowry and Darius Washington. If the Sonics are looking at protection in case they can't get a long term deal done with Ridnour taking either of these two with the 40th pick or packaging that pick with the 53rd and getting a pick 5 slots up to take them would make a lot of sense.

It hasn't been linked to much, but the Sonics are doing a nice job of letting fans know a bit more about the top players in the draft with thier Draft HQ complete with commentary from both David Locke and Kevin Pelton as well as some interesting insights from Dave Pendergraft.