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Sonics Draft Workouts and is the Team Staying?

Whether it is simply an outstanding scoop by the Seattle Times' Percy Allen or a shift in team policy the team not only made public it's workouts of the last week, but GM Rick Sund actually had some comments on them.

According to Allen the team worked out Randy Foye, JJ Reddick, Sheldon Williams, and Patrick O'Bryant over the last two days. Reddick, Williams, and Foye all drew heavy praise.

In other news the Seattle-PI's Go2Guy, Jim Moore indicates that the Sonics are staying in town. Accordng to Moore's piece today he ran into Sonics legend Slick Watts at a charity benfit recently.

"According to Slick Watts, the Sonics will not move out of the Seattle area because that's what team president Wally Walker told him."

If you don't know Wally Walker by now then let me be the one to tell you: These type of comments do not slip out by accident. Walker is a calculated speaker and has a plan when he makes comments. That is great news and may indicate that the recent arena silence is indicative of productive negotiations. Keep in mind that the Sonics indicated they wanted terms of a new lease no later than June 1. The date has come and gone without a peep from the team.