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7 Days and Counting

Over the next week we'll be posting a new draft thread each morning for the relevant conversation. Today's thread should focus on the rumors of the morning, specifically that the report that Foye is #1 on the Timberwolves Draft board. My current mock of the day stands like this:

1) Toronto: Morrison (Trade?)
2) Chicago: Thomas (trade?)
3) Charlotte: Gay
4) Portland: Roy
5) Atlanta: Sheldon Williams
6) Minesotta: Randy Foye
7) Boston: Aldridge (How can they pass him up this low?)
8) Houston: Rodney Carney (reportedly they love him)
9) Golden State: Patrick O'Bryant
10) Seattle: Bargnani

I just go back and forth so much on who the big fallers will be. Lets continue daily predictions from here until the draft.