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Daily Draft Discussion: UPDATED

According to the Raptors today acquired Rasho Nesterovich from the Spurs. Does that make it more likely that the team passes on Aldridge to address the SF position? Prior to the deal I think that having a center to start next to Bosh is a high priority. Suddenly they have a starting caliber(barely) center that can hit an elbow jumper and at times probably even see the court with Bosh and Villenueva. Bardnani at #1?

Couple interesting rumors to look at this morning. First this coming from the Toronto Sun which would send #1 to Charlotte for #3 and Brevin Knight, while also dumping Alvin Williams contract. Could this set up them also dealing that third pick to Portland for #4 and Jarrett Jack if Morrison is still sitting there at #3?

Boston looks to be having the PG workout of all PG workouts leading up to the draft, according to Chad Ford. Boston is supposed to have Marcus Williams, Randy Foye, Jordan Farmar and Rajon Rondo all working out at the same time. Possibly meaning that they're looking to go small instead of going big as some have speculated? PG is a major need on that team with only Delonte West and Orien Greene on the roster.