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Less than a Week to go: Update


Two interesting pieces of information one with link one blantantly stolen from KJR.

First Toronto has hired the GM from Bargnani's team to be thier new VP under Colangelo.

Second, Brandon Roy talking with Softy today on KJR mentioned that he believes a team outside the top 5 will trade up into the top five to select him. Let the speculation keep runnin...

We've now hit that point where just about everything that's said by GM's around the league is either trying to hide what they're doing, trying to get another team to move up to select someone they don't want or a little of both of the above. This is that time where the 'smokescreen' is in full effect, when teams have players in for second workouts only to draft someone they never did work out (here's looking at you Al Jefferson). It's that joyous time where you can read 700 rumors and know that none of them have a snowballs chance of happening, with that in mind here's the consensus mock draft from, I love this time of year.

Little news for your morning courtesy of ESPN. Not that we didn't know this was going to happen anyways, but how about that Bulls pick next year, yowza.

And in case anyones interested in more draft fun by the numbers, I found this interesting little number from Draftexpress. Instead of looking at where guys have moved in the draft, this takes a look about how often guys taken in portions of the draft make it or don't.

Side note, how many other people looked at the video of Saer Sene and had the same reoccuring thought I used to have watching Olumide Oyedeji run around the court 'He'd make a great defensive end for the Hawks, where is Holmgren when you need him'. Add 30 pounds onto that guy and Jevon Kearse part deux here we come.