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Seattle talking trade?

While I've heard absolutely nothing about this being even discussed, Draftexpress has an article up at the moment that talks of a possible deal between the Sonics and the Phoenix Suns. Sources from Draftexpress has heard that the main components of a proposed deal would be Rashard Lewis and the 10th pick for Shawn Marion and the 27th pick.

This is news to me, but my initial reaction was 'sold'. That seems like a deal that's almost too good to be true for the Sonics. Marion is a better rebounder than Lewis and a much better defender. He'd help Wilcox on that end of the court but much like Lewis doesn't play much in the post freeing up the bigs to continue to develop down low. For Phoenix, Rashard seems like a pretty solid fit with Amare and Diaw managing the other two front court positions. He spreads the floor out nicely and creates another matchup nightmare for teams. The driving force down there might be avoiding the luxury tax in a couple years, banking that the player they choose at 10 will give them another bargain gem to add to thier lineup.

Also of note, the Sonics have picked up the qualifying option on Chris Wilcox. All this means at this point is that they have the right to match any offer that he signs. It was something we all knew they would do, but its official now.

Anyone else heard anything about this?