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48 hour to draft day

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So there was denial on the Phoenix side and a no comment on the Seattle end regarding Shawn Marion. This one seems to be losing steam.

In other news there is a reported deal in place between Atlanta and Houston that will result in Brandon Roy going #5(if available) and Shelden Williams #8. It's good news for Seattle who should be hoping that the Rockets do not select Randy Foye with their pick. If the rumors are to be believed the draft is going to have lots of movement in the top 8 picks and could look something like this:

1) Bobcats(from Toronto): LaMarcus Aldridge
2) Chicago: Tyrus Thomas
3) Tor0nto(from Charlotte): Andrea Bargnani
4) Portland: Adam Morrison
5) Houston(from Atlanta): Brandon Roy
6) Timberwolves: Rudy Gay
7) Boston: Marcus Williams
8) Atlanta(from Houston): Shelden Williams
9) Golden State: Patrick O'Bryant

I believe Foye is the guy Seattle wants to be available at that pick. The key is both Williams' inclusion into the top 9. Either Minesotta or Boston could take him ahead of us but Boston may prefer a pure point guard, causing him to fall. This is a great scenario for us if it pans out. If Foye goes instead of Williams it is the worst case scenario as the big 6, S. Williams, Foye, and O'Bryant are all off the board.