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Sonicscentral Mock Draft

Okay boys and girls, it's prediction time.

I'm putting my mock draft here for all to see and likely laugh their collective butts off at by Thursday morning. Oh well. As Brian wrote in another post, this is a strange year. I think either the draft will proceed very closely along the lines of the mock drafts we've all been doing the past few weeks, with teams trading up and down to select the players they want, in other words lots of exchanges, or we could see a draft more similar to 2000, where the Clippers swiped Darius Miles at #3 from the Bulls and all hell broke loose. Either way, it figures to be interesting. Feel free to comment or post your final mocks in this thread.

TOR- Aldridge
CHI- Bargnani
CHA- Thomas
POR- Morrison
ATL- Gay
MIN- Roy
BOS- Foye
HOU- Shelden Williams
GST- Brewer
SEA- O'Bryant

With the idea being that Seattle takes O'Bryant in order to trade down and take Shawne Williams or Simmons. We'll see if I'm right or if we luck out and Randy Foye or Brewer drop.