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Today's the day so I hope to see everybody at our pre-draft party at Ozzies. I have no idea if we'll have 5 people or 25 but it will be fun. Let me know in this thread if you plan to be there.

Tons of gossip today including speculation that there is still some life to the rumored Phoenix/Seattle swap involving Rashard Lewis. Don't forget to check out David Locke's blog frequently. David already has two updates this morning and I assume will be covering this thing non-stop.

Today is the day to put all of your predictions in writing if you haven't already. My own personal mocks have been all over the board as I try to figure out who will be the sudden risers and fallers that we see each year. The draft is never as straighforward as it is projected to be so you have to ask yourself who will be this year's Charlie Villenueva and who will be this year's Gerald Green? Here's my final prediction:

1) Toronto: LaMarcus Aldridge - Toronto makes the smart move and passes on the Bargnani for more of a sure thing.
2) Chicago: Brandon Roy - Aldridge is the player the Bulls want and when he's not there they settle for Roy who is a big reach this high IMO.
3) Charlotte: Rudy Gay - They could go for Morrison also
4) Portland: Adam Morrison - Thrilled that their man falls to 4. I have this weird feeling in the back of my head that Morrison could go number 1, but I'm scared to run with it because I have no concrete reason why...
5) Atlanta: Shelden Williams - Stunning that they pass on Tyrus Thomas and Bargnani here but I feel that there is a deal in place. If Roy had been available they may have taken the Houston deal but possibly not. Lack of clear-cut choices at 6-7 give them some concerns that a team will trade up with Boston and steal Williams away.
6) Minesotta: Tyrus Thomas - He doesn't fill a need but the T-Wolves are thrilled when he falls.
7) Boston: Cedrick Simmons - I pick Simmons and Carney as guys who will be picked in places you don't expect due to their atheleticism. Boston could easily go Randy Foye here(as could the T-Wolves at #6) but smitten with potential they grab Simmons before their is a run on PG's.
8) Houston: Rodney Carney - Could also go with Brewer or Foye here. Carney's atheleticism and reputed friendship with Tracy McGrady drive this pick.
9) Golden State: Patrick O'Bryant - is there an easier pick in this whole draft? If he's available they grab him.
10: Seattle: Randy Foye - part of me feels guilty, like I just engineered this whole draft so that Foye drops into our lap. If Minny, Boston, or Houston takes him then we wind up with Bargnani and the team is stoked. If both are on the board I'm not sure who we take.