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Ways to Get Excited About the Sene Pick

Okay, I was shocked when the Sonics selected Sene with the 10th pick of the draft.

Natural reaction.

But the pick has started growing on me. I've come up with a few things to add to the excitement of Sene being the newest Sonic.

He can put the nets on from the floor.

For anyone that has ever had to climb the pole and go up through the hoop as a fourth grader, you'll know the value of this.

We now have Reggie Evans with the wing span of a 747.


TK wrote that Sene shot 37% from the free throw line. True, that's sub Reggie, but that was before he grew out to nearly a 7'10" wing span. Now, he'll be able to lay the ball in from the free throw line--Inspector Gadget style.

The Sonics can now heavily promote to the Senegalese market.

If you lay the three centers end-to-end from the basket, they'd just about reach the 3 point line.

And the thing I can't wait for the most?

Adam Morrison sending one of those weak runners into the middle of our key and having Sene swat it to the other end of the floor where it almost goes in the hoop.

Ah, new day in Sonicsland.

Welcome to Seattle Mohamed Sene. Judging by your size, you're going to have a long stay :)