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Free Agency Strikes!

With the draft just days into the rear view mirror we are already into free agent negotiation period and the rumors are hot and heavy around the league. Unfortunately the Sonics are not prominently mentioned other than interest in their own restricted free agent Chris Wilcox.

This morning it was reported that Wilcox and the team are scheduled to meet on Monday but negotiations are expected to be prolonged. I for one am hoping that they move quickly as the team needs to present the image of being on track. Also reported was that Chicago may have interest in Wilcox should their pursuit of Ben Wallace fail. Frankly I just cannot believe that the Bulls would pursue Chris given their recent draft of Tyrus Thomas. When Thomas went to the Bulls and Atlanta selected Sheldon Williams I think the market for Chris Wilcox dried up considerably and it is all but a lock that he will return next year. Hopefully both sides realize that and get a deal done quickly.

Post your thoughts on free agency and the Sonics summer negotiations here. While you're at it check out my draft review.

Have a great holiday weekend!