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Hoffa and Jazz make Day 3 Matchup Worth Watching

Tonight the Sonics summer league squad faces up against the home-town Utah Jazz. Probably more than any other game tonights will be relevant in eveluating the performance of Mo Sene. Sene struggled in game 2 with flu-like symptoms but the report as of this morning is that he is feeling fine.

The biggest reason to watch tonights game is the fact that Utah starts a bona-fide NBA center. Despite being considered a bust out of college Araujo as 2 full years of league experience and has looked pretty good to date in summer league. He's a nasty, physical(and yes dirty) player who lost more than 30 pounds this offseason to try and resurect his career. I can tell you however after running into him at a movie lost night he is nowhere near the 6'11, 290 he is listed at. Regardless a good statistical night from Sene tonight will probably be a very good sign.

Also good luck to Noel Felix who matches up against a couple of fellow Fresno State alumni Hiram Fuller and Mustafa Al-Sayyaid. There is a huge group of Fresno alumni in SLC right now and they all maintian close bonds.

I'm hoping for a halftime update from some friends down there. We'll see what happens.