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Save Our Sonics

Press release sent today. Please choose to participate.

Save Our Sonics and Storm
2622 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107

July 19, 2006

To: Seattle Area Media

For Immediate Release:

Fans of the Seattle Supersonics and Storm would like to announce the creation of Save Our Sonics and Storm, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the professional sports franchises future in the greater Puget Sound Area.

SOS&S is committed to uniting sports fans throughout the region, working with elected officials, and motivating them to find a solution which will keep the teams in the region. We will be providing a united voice for the large voting constituent which places significant cultural and economic value on professional basketball.

Anyone wishing to participate in this movement is encouraged to enroll in the SOS&S mailing list at Information regarding volunteer and donation opportunities will be available there, and at, in the coming days.

Founding members of SOS&S include Steven Pyeatt, and Brian E. Robinson.

Steven Pyeatt is a lifelong Seattle Area resident who has served on both City of Bothell and King County Commissions. He was a candidate for King County Council in 2005 and is active in both grassroots political and charitable organizations throughout the community. In addition he helped to organize the effort to save the Seahawks in 1996. This was a successful 14 month campaign to retain the Seattle Seahawks in 1996 when then-owner Ken Behring attempted to relocate the franchise to Southern California. As part of his role in this effort Pyeatt organized more than 950 volunteer members over a 14 month period. In addition he is active in political and charitable events throughout the region. He currently resides in Kirkland, WA.

Brian Robinson is also a lifelong Seattle resident. He currently resides in North Beach and owns and operates several businesses in the Ballard and North Seattle area. He has covered the team for the last 4 seasons as a writer and operator of and contributes to several national basketball web sites including and Basketball New Services.