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Volunteers Needed 7/28 5:30pm

The news can say what they want about a lack of interest in saving this team, but it is not the case. We're being flooded with Volunteer requests and right now our number 1 priority is bringing someone on board with solid organizational skills to sort all these requests out, reply, and organize the troups. My honest guess is that this individual may need to put in as many as 20 hours per week on this project initially but if you can commit to about 7+ please contact us. If interested in this position please contact and tile your e-mail "volunteer coordinator"

In the first few days since the announcement that the Seattle Sonics and Storm had been sold, Save Our Sonics and Storm has been amazed by the level of support from devoted Sonics and Storm fans and the local community. Now it's time to call on that support.

Save Our Sonics and Storm needs to get the word out to continue growing and rally support, and that effort will kick off with next Friday's Seattle Storm game against the Detroit Shock. As fans enter KeyArena, we need volunteers to help provide them with flyers, giveaways and information about how they can help Save Our Sonics and Storm.

If you're interested in helping, please e-mail us at and remember to stay tuned for more updates and ways to help


Print Publishing - A large part of our effort will involved printed material such as signs or stickers. If you operate a business and could either produce this material, or would be interested in sponsoring print material with your company logo on it we want to hear from you.
Research - We need people that can dig up information that can be useful in the fight.
Web surfing - This one is easy. Search the web looking for forums, lists, and groups that would have an interest and posting messages inviting fans back to our site. NO SPAMMING, just share information.
Event Planner - If you know how to plan and execute rallies and promotional events we can use your help.
Graphics - We need banners for ads, graphics for flyers and signs, and the like. If you know your way around those tools we can use you.
Content management - With so many people responding it is hard to get the time to add content to this site. You do not need to know programming, just how to cut and paste information, the portal software does the rest. This includes posting the latest news from major media sources daily.
Copyediting – If you have the talent you can help with wordsmithing.
Fundraising/Promotions - We need someone that can pull together corporate partnerships (Radio stations, restaurants, printers, etc) that will donate services to the cause.
Legal – Would be nice to be sure we keep out of trouble along the way. ;-)