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Buy Storm Tickets

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Please remember that the easiest way to show support of regional basketball is to go to a game. I want to encourage every Sonics fan out there to buy some tickets for one of the remaining Storm games. Take your children, parents, grandparents, whatever. Let's savor basketball a little bit and show people that sports are important because we can all enjoy it together. We will have signs that you can print out and take with you to the game. Sell out every remaining Storm game. It's important. Tickets are available starting at just $10.00 and if you've never seen a game you will be stunned at the quality of the product. Contact our official Sonics/Storm ticket rep if you're interested and he may be able to make you a deal or buy direct at

Any fans who own an entertainment book I would like to encourage you to use the coupons located within to buy up to 8 tickets at half price. If you own that book and will not be using the ticket please clip the coupon and mail it to SOS&S at 2601 NW Market St., Seattle, WA 98107. We'll gather as many coupons as possible and distribute them to people to fill up that arena!