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Ridnour not on National Team Roster

Luke Ridnour didn't make the national team roster

Does this exclusion resurface questions about Luke's ability at this level?

I hope not, but it's always going to be a question with Luke. His lack of lateral movement defending perimeter players that blow by him like he's standing still is never going to vastly improve.

His improvements will be in shooting and penetrating, which have earned Nash a nice place in the League, but will those areas be enough for Luke to operate at a championship level. This tryout was a championship level opportunity, but Luke came up short. And he came up short to a PG that's in his conference, which is a bit frustrating.

I'm sure there's going to be questions about the "local boy does good," angle with the new ownership coming in. Will Luke have the same opportunity with owners who have been watching CP3 perform? Some might say owners don't have that kind of influence so it doesn't matter, but we know that things like that can and do matter.

But Luke didn't really lose out to Chris Paul. Really, he lost out to an injured Kirk Hinrich. That's worse. I really like Luke and I'm glad he's on the Sonics; I'm sure this one hurt on some level, for him.

It's probably easier to say it was a great honor for Luke to even have a shot at this high honor rather than see some kind of controversy at his exclusion. But sports talk will be sports talk, so, your reactions?