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Wilcox Talks Posititve

As explained multiple times on this site the disheartening words tossed around by Chris Wilcox' agent in recent days should have been taken with a grain of salt. Agents make their comments with set goals and in this case that goal was clearly to ratchet up pressure on new ownership and Rick Sund to not only increase their offer to some level, but also to get this contract done quickly. Last week Sonicscentral identified through multiple sources that Chris Wilcox' price had been identified and that the team was willing to meet it, making a three year contract virtually assured. Despite all the rhetoric thrown around in the meantime reports today appear to confirm that, in their first meeting since those comments the team was willing to meet an acceptable price and that a contract is being hammered out. With legal council sitting for both sides it seems fairly likely that negotiations have moved beyond general talk about dollar value and into contract specifics. Look for a three year deal to be announced this afternoon or tomorrow.