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Wilcox Closing in on Deal

Reports all over the web this morning indicate that Chris Wilcox is on the verge of signing a three year contract with the Sonics. His agent, Jeff Fried will be returning to Seattle on Monday to hammer out the final details but from the tone of things it seems as if the major terms have already been agreed to. Wilcox confirmed these rumors yesterday from the Seattle Tattoo Convention where he told teammates that a 3 year deal had come together. I have heard nothing regarding the salary but various Seattle newspapers quote the dollar amount at $20 million. IMO this is a clear win for the Supersonics who got Wilcox not only for less than Nene money, but less per year than they offered Vladi Radmanovic last season.

In other news I'm enjoying life as a political activist. My next mission: Collect petition signatures for Rob Swift "NO MORE TATTOOS! It's going to read simply...."Slow down big fella. We all remember Cherokee Parks. Have a 15 & 10 season before you completely reinvent your image because mediocre white boys with too many tattoos just make an easy target..." Anyone who wants to jump on board can joun the movement.