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Slow Sonics Day

With the Wilcox contract done and still a full day away from the Storm's first playoff game I thought maybe there would be some opinions on a couple quick notes from around the league, nicely summerized by the Seattle Times .

I'd really love to know who thought having Ron Artest speak in front of a bunch of kids was a good idea? And is there any chance we could remove that person from making any other decisions that might impact others lives?

Lonny Baxter might win the award for the stupidest athlete not named Ron Artest. When are these guys going to learn that driving and guns are not a good combo.

I think I'm the only Sonic fan in the world that is sad about Bruce Bowen being cut from the World Championships team. I really like what Bruce brings to the floor and think he'd do a great job mentoring the young kids on that team. I knew it was coming but would have liked to see him stick around.

And last but certainly not least another athlete making us all proud