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You're the Coach--Day 2

Sonicscentral called on you to be the "coach for a day," and assess what 5 players needed to work on this summer.

Well, here's another 5, "coach."

Last time we had some great comments on Luke, Nick, Robert, Chris and Rashard. Of course, defense was the thing most pointed to as needing improvement, but that's hard to work on over the summer. I'm sure it's on Hill's list to work on a bit this upcoming camp (which is only about a month and change away--yeah!).

Luke hitting the outside shot, Nick moving his feet and not getting ticky tack fouls was popular, Swifty and Wilcox gaining new low post moves, and Rashard dribbling (especially with his left hand) were mentioned quite a bit. I'm not sure how guys can work on rebounding in the off-season, but that could be included too as something Rashard and Chris need to improve.

Ready for the next 5?

1. Ray Ray

2. Earl

3. Johan

4. Damien

5. Pick Your Player. I'd like to put Noel Felix here because I would like him to make the squad, but who is a bench guy you would really like to see here? Think veteran players too because youth has a way of not making the playoffs.

Alright you Bob Hills, react…