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Kemper Freeman Talks Extremely Positive

UPDATE: Memorial Stadium Emerges as Arena Alternative

As reported today in the Seattle Times Clayton Bennett has been in the Puget Sound area meeting with local government and business leaders.

Bennett arrived in town last Thursday to attend the final home playoff game of the Seattle Storm. While it was not actively reported he remained in Seattle, scheduled to depart yesterday, so that he could continue talks with local leaders. As was made clear in this article conversations with Bellevue Square owner Kemper Freeman went extremely well. Bennett met with Freeman for an extended period on Tuesday and the conversation went so well they had a followup meeting scheduled for Wednessday. Talks were described by the team as extremely positive.

Rumor has it that Bennett has been scoring big in his meetings and that a deal is coming together more quickly than anticipated. It is likely that a new arena proposal will be on the table even earlier than the December date list in the Times.

Sonics' supporters need to temper their enthusiasm and prepare for a grinding battle. Any development proposal made will still likely require some portion of public funding, and therefore either a vote or other political solution. Once an announcement is made it will be up to us, as fans, to voice our support loudly and clearly to convince the public and elected officials to endorse the plan in front of them.