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Anybody who missed today's legends events passed up a great time on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Chris Wilcox was in attendance along with Kemp as the organization continues to play up the similarities in style between the two players. Furthermore the fan presence was more substantial than the last two events and the enthusiasm more visible. These were the die-hard fans who, like me, had a great sense of nostalgia for Shawn Kemp.

Shawn indicated a desire to participate with Save Our Sonics and Storm and advised that "These teams just have to stay here." He considers himself a Seattle resident and will do what he can to help.

The highlight for me was seeing the reunion of Kemp and Wally Walker who seemed to have a genuinely fond handshake and quick chat. Kemp put his hand on Walkers shoulder and there was no anymosity apperent. Walker commented that Kemp looks to be in game shape and Shawn advised that he has been scrimmaging and playing regularly with Sonics SF Rashard Lewis as both train in Houston.

In a recent article I commented on the potential for a Gary Payton reunion and my feelings are the same with Kemp. While it would likely be 100% a gimmick for the team I support any gimmick that allows the team to build upon their relationship with the fans. Nobody in the organization scoffed at suggestions that Kemp could be considered for the 15th roster spot and several actually even commented independently on how great it would be.