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Yotam Halperin signing?

UPDATE: 5:00 P.M.

The Sonics front office confirmed this afternoon that Yotam Halperin was offered a standard tender contract and denied reports that any type of guaranteed contract had been offered. Per league rules second round draft picks must be offered a tender offer in order for their drafting teams to retain their rights. This offer, at the league's minimum salary is non-guaranteed and has very little impact on whether that player will make the squad. In the case of Halperin the tender offer is likely insufficient to buy out his overseas contract and will result in him continuing to play outside of the NBA for this next season. The Sonics will retain his rights for next year.

The front office also confirmed that Denham Brown, the team's other second round pick #40 overall will be offered a similar tender contract and is likely to be invited to training camp.


The Jerusalem Post, and are both reporting that the American agent for Yotam Halperin is in Israel with a Supersonics contract in hand for Yotam to sign if it is to his liking. You can see the two similar posts here:,7340,L-3296855,00.html

Both articles make note that they don’t have all the details, yet if Yotam makes the cut, he would be the first Israeli to play in the NBA. Draft Express’s workup on Yotam stated that he has the skills and size (almost at 6’4”) to play some shooting guard, so perhaps we are seeing the possibility of our next combo guard a la Antonio Daniels.