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Robert Swift Crashes

UPDATE: 8:01pm

First news from sources close to Robert Swift regarding his accident. First of all Robert and his brother Alex are completely fine. While Robert suffered the reported facial stitches Alex suffered only from bruising caused by the seatbelt.

The accident occured while returning from a basketball camp hosted at Bakersfield College. Swift had volunteered his time to attend this camp as a guest instructor. Contrary to published reports the vehicle he was driving was not borrowed, rather Swift had purchased the BMW M3 from a friend just 36 hours before it was totalled in the accident.

The accident occured while going around a turn in a residential area. The car hit a series of two bumps and then a patch of water and gravel which caused them to momentarily lose control and slide into a parked Jeep. Police arrived and subjected Swift to a breathalizer test in which he showed a 00.00% blood alcohol level. Police estimates were that the vehicle was traveling below 30mph in a 25mph zone and Swift was not cited.

The Jeep which Swift struck was coincidentally for sale and he wound up purchasing the vehicle which will be repaired for his brother Alex. In the end there was no citation, no insurance claim, and no significant injuries relating to this event so it is likely 100% concluded.


From the Associated Press ...

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Seattle SuperSonics center Robert Swift was sporting a cut over his left eye after crashing his car over the weekend.

Swift was speeding down Sandy Lane in Bakersfield in a 2004 luxury sports sedan when he lost control and struck a parked car, according to the California Highway Patrol. It was unclear exactly how fast he was going at the time, said CHP Officer Greg Williams.

Alcohol was not a factor in the crash, he said.

Swift, 20, and his brother Alex Swift, 19, managed to emerge with only minor injuries, Williams said. The car sustained major damage and the Jeep had moderate damage.

The cut over Swift's eye was visible Saturday at the Renegade Basketball Camp at Bakersfield College, where he was coaching kids.

The 7-foot-1 Swift, who now lives Sammamish, Wa., attended nearby Garces and Bakersfield high schools.