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More On Shawn Kemp

Props to Robert Jamieson on his Shawn Kemp article in today's P-I.

Kemp last week flew in from Texas, where he is chasing a setting sun -- his dream to return to pro basketball.

Kemp had an appointment at the Seattle playground, where the Sonics honored him as part of the team's "Legends Tour." Then, he was off to give a city hoops clinic.

Judging by the more than 200 people who showed, Kemp's popularity hasn't waned. Fans cheered and took snapshots. Kemp was cordial and jocular, flashing his indelibly bright smile.

Brian brought up bringing back GP for the PR benefits next year ... the Sonics have also talked about adding a veteran big man. I'd expect Kemp to play a minimal role at best, but as long as he can stay out of trouble he --might-- fit the bill as a replacement for Danny Fortson.