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Where is Wilcox at?

Quick update on the Chris Wilcox situation as I understand it.

Please note that I don't have any new "source" on this issue since I became certain that a deal was in the bag about a week ago. If I was wrong on that call then I'll apologize but I feel rather certain that what went down was something like this:

Both sides had been deadlocked for a couple of weeks when the Wilcox camp sent a counterproposal to the Sonics.

Sonics new ownership came to some type of conclusion that they either a) felt that the deal was close enough that they could come to terms or b) were simply willing to meet that price. Either way they thought the deal was in the bag. They wanted to hold off on the announcement until new ownership could come into town, haggle a bit, and approve it.

Since that time it has been reported that things have fallen apart and Wilcox will be settling for the QO. I know a couple of things, first of all the agent has not in fact met with the new owners yet, so it would seem premature for things to have actually broken down. Secondly there are still free agent dollars in Atlanta and a rapidly disintigrating situation in Atlanta involving PF Al Harrington that could wind up opening a space for Wilcox via free agency or sign and trade. Why would Wilcox sign his QO now when there is still a chance, however slim that the Harrington situation could open up more money for him.

What I think is going on, and this is purely speculation based on what I've heard is that the Sonics are holding off giving Wilcox a firm reply to his offer because they are still hopefull to shave a few dollars off in the final negotiation. Wilcox' agent is concerned about the time and is leaking these stories in order to put added pressure on the team to make their very best offer this tuesday. Step up to the plate or move on.

What I know is that the new owners and Wilcox have not met. The ownership group will arrive in Monday and attend a scheduled meeting with Wilcox' agent on tuesday. Until then nothing has come together or fallen apart any more than it was a week ago.