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Another league arena - Orlando

It has been a while since we talked arena here at so we thought we would point you to an interesting article in today's Orlando Sentinel that looks at the Orlando Magic's bid for a new arena. The estimated cost for their arena will be $385 million, a number that many believe would be similar to the price for the Sonics to get a new home.

While the Magic have not stated publicly what their contribution to that $385 million would be, they have said that they will pay a significant amount toward that total. While ultimately each deal is done community by community, I think that Sonics fans (and ownership) would be well served to keep an eye on these proceedings.

The article points out that there has been a significant range of money given by NBA franchises toward new arenas in the past few seasons. The Memphis Grizzlies did not have to pay anything towards their now two year old facility which cost $250 million. At the other end of the spectrum the Dallas Mavericks (ok, Mark Cuban) paid $295 million toward their $420 million arena.

What I find more interesting is the competing big dollar projects also ongoing in Orlando, and I think this will be where much can be learned on give and take by the Sonics organization if they are going to get a new arena in the Seattle area. Rather than relying solely on a hotel tax, they are taking a three pronged attack at raising the necessary money.

For more about the ongoing efforts (co-led by one of our own Brian R!) and to learn how you can help these efforts, check out the Save Our Sonics & Storm website.

A hat tip to our poster Princess who first alerted us to this article.