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Around The League

As we get closer to the season and rumors begin to heat up we will try to get a daily thread up to discuss the various rumors and stories:

Frank Hughes returns from his summer Hiatus with a short article that is just chock full of information...

I am not suprised that the Sonics have tabled discussions with Lewis or Collison. One thing that has been made clear to me over the last couple of weeks is just what a tremendous strain this sale has put on the organization in general. While most employees believe that the team will remain in Seattle there is an element of uncertainty that has added significantly to the stress level. The NBA is already a very competative, very large business and this is not easy on the human element. Furthermore there is just a tremendous amount of administrative work to be done before the handoff can occur. Clay Bennett will be returning to Seattle shortly and the staff are preparing for a series of presentations that will get him completely caught up with the day to day operations of the organization. League rules strictly prevent Bennett from having a day to day role in the organization prior to his ownership being approved, but every decision requires some type of oversite. It has result in lots of time consulting league attorneys and delaying decisions until approved.

I would not read anything into the delayed offer to Lewis. It is not indicative of what either the old or new ownership feels his value may be. Rather they have just placed a great deal of their operations on hold until the ownership change occurs.

Collison and Ridnour are rather more interesting. I don't blame Collison but am curious about Luke. I have never seen any indication whatsoever that he has the type of ego that is implied in this article and would question comments second hand from friends. Luke is however a tough guy to get a read on so it is very possible that he has these feelings.

Shawn Kemp to the Bulls?
That's what the Chicago Tribune seems to think...I first heard this one last thursday and it sounds pretty solid. The Sonics are considering bringing Kemp in for camp but it sounds like the Bulls may be more aggressive and offer a package more attractive to Kemp. His role on either team would be about the same as the Bulls have Ben Wallace, PJ Brown and Mike Sweetney all likely ahead of Kemp in the rotation...

Christie getting a camp invite? seems to think so. I wonder where they got that information?

Behind the scenes Doug has been working out with the Sonics for several weeks but most people felt that he was simply training in his hometown. NBA teams often open up their gyms for veterans who live in their community to have a place to work out. Players like Nate Robinson, Jamaal Crawford, and Robert Watts have also been known to make appearances at the Furtado Center and there is nothing at all to it. Last week however Christie implied to teammates that he may be getting a camp invite from the Sonics. All accounts are that he has been extremely helpful with the young players and could provide a veteran presence on the bench.

There are no camp rumors at all involving the Sonics and young players. Judging by the names I've heard they are looking at I believe that the only unproven player getting a strong look from Seattle will be Noel Felix. Denham Brown will have a slim chance as well, but if they do chose to add a 14th player to the roster look for it to be a veteran. Bob Hill believes this team will be good and is building his roster accordingly.

Collison Back to Kansas:
The Lawrence Journal News answers Sonics fans questions for us with a nice article about Nick Collison. Last week many readers wondered why Collison was not present at the scrimmage written up by Kevin Pelton at Apperently Nick was in Kansas checking out the new KU basketball facility. I was not aware that the NBA had scheduled an exhibition game in Lawrence featuring Collison and former teammate Kirk Hinrich. Personally I think that is really cool.

Nate McMillan thinks the Blazers are inexperienced....I agree.

In other Blazers news Prizbilla enters camp as the starter which means that Magloire rides the pine and Nate envisions Brandon Roy's natural position at SG with a little PG thrown in. The Magloire deal looked like a steal for Portland but when I look at things realistically I think they could have used Steve Blake a lot more than they could have used Magloire. For that matter they could have used Randy Foye above Roy who will battle with Martell Webster for minutes at the SG spot. Does anything the Blazers do make any sense?

Mikki the Snake?
Just a random comment about a worthless article... Today the NY Post features a story about Mikki Moore and his snakes. Geez is this schtick getting old or what? Luckily Moore has a new team each year to talk about his pets but it is just not as interesting after the 5th or 6th story. I love Mikki. Why can't they write an article about his work ethic or about how great it is that teams he leaves keep wanting him back?

That's all for now...