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Daily Roundup 09.19.06

Rainy Day, dream all day ...

Aw man, it's rainin' ...

here I sit, cheeks a flexin', givin' birth to ... another Daily Roundup missive.

Great interview with Clayton Bennett in the P-I this morning. Way to go Gary Washburn!

Wearing a white University of Oklahoma windbreaker and still smarting from the Sooners' controversial loss Saturday, Bennett expressed optimism regarding a new multiplex arena in Seattle or in a suburb such as Bellevue.

"I am ever encouraged each time I'm here and as the meetings progress and as we continue to begin to frame up our team and ideas about the future," he said. "I continue to see a successful conclusion."

While Bellevue is emerging as potentially the most viable site for an arena, Bennett said he remains open to all options. Bennett said in July that he wanted a concrete arena plan within 12 months and wanted significant progress by the end of the calendar year.

And much, much more. Check it out and let me hear your comments.

Today seems to be a day for arena talk. While Clay Bennett is doing his thing so are the guys at Save Our Sonics. Check out Brian's piece about how the group came together.

Hey Nick Licata! So basketball has no cultural relevance?

Sonics Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are scheduled to be at a Cleveland High School pep assembly Friday where they and other Sonics will present a check and exhibit a model of the new Cleveland basketball uniforms they will donate on behalf of their foundations.

Allen's charity, the Ray of Hope Foundation, and the Rashard Lewis Foundation have also pledged to give each Cleveland student and faculty member two tickets to the Sonics preseason opener against Portland on Oct. 20, and to host the boys basketball team in a suite during the game, vice principal Wayne Floyd said.

The foundations arranged the assembly and donations after learning that a burglar stole boys basketball uniforms and equipment estimated at $7,000 on Sept. 5.

I am forwarding a copy of this roundup to Mr. Licata to see if he will consider matching or at least making a donation to this cause. A round of applause to Ray and Ra for their efforts here.

Hey, pop on over to Supersonicsoul and bask in the glory that is Sonic video, won't ya?

It's spreading ...

Some other stuff from around the league...

So much for Kemp getting a shot with the Bulls. According to Chicago papers the PF misses his scheduled workout to visit a sick relative. While the sick relative part of it evokes some sympathy you have to wonder about his decision from a timing perspective. I have no idea if the relative was critically ill so will probably hold back judgement. This increases the odds that Kemp will wind up with a camp invite from the Sonics who I do not believe have ruled him out.

Why does Houston make sense for Bonzi Wells? With McGrady dominating the ball, Yao Ming dominating the middle, and Shane Battier ready to play every position on the floor I just don’t see where Wells would fit in. They need guys who can space the floor and hit jump shots, not 2/3 combo players who want to hold the ball in the post. This is another example of cities that are attractive to NBA players getting free agent looks that places like Seattle do not. Houston is a great town for young black athletes to live and that may be all Wells is looking for.

This signing would make as much sense as Denver adding Earl Watson last summer. Maybe Houston and Wells would be the same type of situation. They could sign him and trade him mid-season. I’ll have to check the status of their mid-level exception.