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Lull Before The Storm

Or at least it’s the lull before the Sonics.

With this quiet season just before media gets going on Sonics training and preseason, I thought we could go off topic for a general sports question.

What is your favorite time of the year for following sports?

With football starting, baseball pennant races heating up (how would I know this, I’m a M’s fan?), I’m sure there are some that like this time right now.

October is great with baseball playoffs (non-strike years), football games are starting to mean something, and basketball is starting--yeah!

The middle of winter is cool with football playoffs starting (well, pro football playoffs, urgh…), basketball in full swing, and baseball winter meetings where even the M’s have a chance to look like they’re involved.

Late spring with basketball playoffs, baseball starting (the M's are not mathematically eliminated yet), the NFL draft, golf starting, and there are no more hockey scores on the ticker, that’s a good time too.

What is your favorite time of year and why?

Also, this is a good time of year to support the Sonics and Storm staying where they belong—Seattle. I’m really excited about Mr. Bennett and the other new owners of the Sonics. From the little we’ve gotten so far, it’s possible he could be one of the great sports owners in this town in awhile. I’m hoping this new era in Sonics-land is the most thrilling ever.