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SonicsCentral Presents:

The Comedy Stylings of Nick Licata:

Still, Licata disagrees that the council has lost the diversity or aggressiveness of previous decades.

"There's always a golden era. And the further away, the greater it shines," Licata said. He said he considered today's council "probably as diverse as Seattle is."

Diverse? This august organ of local government is your definition of diverse?

I've seen more diversity in a can of pork n' beans.

But in the interest of being fair and balanced, The Daily Roundup presents this recreated transcript of the P-Is interview with Mr. Licata. (This recreation involved non-paid blog writers).

Pressed to explain his diversity comments, Licata went on to say "We're a lot like a food court ... a fiscally responsible, equal opportunity food court serving the citizens of King County, of course. (Smiles) For example, I really like Dick's, where Rasmussen's more of a Panda Express man, Jan Drago prefers Subway, Richard Conlin's all about Mickey D's and you should just see Jean Godden at Taco Bell. I never knew anyone could put away that many bean burritos at one meeting -- but that woman gives new meaning to the term pass through funds."

See? Local government can be both fun AND informative!

In other news, here's Frank Hughes' report on Ray and Rashard's visit to Cleveland High covered elsewhere on this blog. Near the bottom are a few notes:

The Sonics and Storm were sold to Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett and the Professional Basketball Club LLC on July 18 for $350 million. Bennett has given his group and Seattle-area government officials 12 months after the sale is approved to find an alternative to KeyArena in its current state, even though the teams’ leases don’t end until 2010.

Bennett won’t officially take ownership of the Sonics until the NBA’s Board of Governors votes on the sale Oct. 24, meaning he’ll own the team for only a week before the season opener on Nov. 1 against Portland. He’s held a few conversations with Allen, who has appreciated the new owner seeking his input.

“He doesn’t hesitate to ask and that’s the best kind of situation where you can learn from each other, and not come in bullheaded making decisions you think need to be made,” Allen said.

Lewis decided to hold off negotiating a contract extension.

“I understand the business side of it so I know it can be right away, and sometimes it can take forever to get it done,” Lewis said. “You have to learn to be patient.”

Wise approach for both sides.

Okay, I'm still ticked about the Licata thing. Today's assignment is this, we are going to create a Letterman-style top 10 list of the groups as diverse as the Seattle City Council. This is your chance to dust off all your best one liners, folks.

Brian chips in with: (drum roll) Tim McGraw's afterparty at the CMA Awards.

You're next!