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Palacio Headlines Training Camp Roster

Word leaked today that the Sonics are nearing a deal with former Utah Jazz PG Milt Palacio to attend training camp. Palacio, along with veterans Ron Mercer and Walter McCartey made his first appearance at training camp several weeks ago and according to Percy Allen of the Seattle Times has agreed to a contract with the Sonics.

Allen interestingly reports that new Sonics owner Clay Bennett has indicated that a couple of players may be signed, brining the roster up to 14 or 15 players. There have been some reports that financial restraints would limit the Sonics to 13 players on the roster.

Doug Christie, who has been working with the team for several weeks appears to be the odd man out as Allen quotes GM Rick Sund in saying that the former Sonics draft choice will not recieve a camp invite.

As of right now the Sonics camp roster looks to include the following players competing for 2 roster spots:

Noel Felix
Milt Palacio
Kareem Rush
Denham Brown

Also reported possibilities are former Sonic Mike Wilks, Nuggets lottery pick Nicol0z Tskitishvily, Desmond Farmer and Kenny Adeleke.

General Manager Rick Sund has confirmed that the team will host 7 players, likely from this group of 8 to compete for roster spots at this year's training camp.