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A Veritable Avalanche Of Sonic Info

Why are you reading this when you could be relishing the fantastic work written and compiled by fave Kevin Pelton, who has provided a full meal deal for Sonics fans today and made my job writing a daily roundup pretty damn easy.

Let's examine today's menu:

An Interview with Dale Ellis

What else stands out from your Sonics career?
All the Sonics teams I played for here. If I had to decide which was the best team, I would probably go with the 86-87 team. The years I played my first stint here, I enjoyed playing for those teams more than any other teams I played for.

Just in case you've been living either under a rock or in Federal Way for the past few months, it's the 40th anniversary of the franchise this year and the Sonics are conducting a vote for the 40th Anniversary Team.

Vote for your choices and the winners will be honored in a special halftime ceremony at the Nov. 5th game vs. the Lakers. Let us know who you voted for as well!

Props to Earl Watson for his charity work.

The Earl Watson Youth Metro Basketball League will host 30 teams in grades 6-8 this fall in Watson's native Kansas City. The league will be free of charge to participants thanks to Watson's Emagine Foundation's support.
"It’s an age where kids can get lost in life," Watson told the Kansas City Star. "They are getting more freedom, and there’s not a whole lot going on sportswise right now."

And for good measure, David Locke blasts nitwit-for-hire Marc Stein.

According to ESPN and the all-knowing scribe Marc Stein (yes, that's sarcasm) the Sonics ranked 14th out of 15 teams in off-season moves in the Western Conference.

This is laughable, both in regards to the premise and the end result. The premise excludes all the moves the Sonics made at the trade deadline last year. Those were their major off-season moves.

Couldn't agree more, Locke.