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Daily Roundup 9.28.06

From yesterday's Times, P discusses the Pigtailed Enigma that is Danny Fortson.

"So far, everything with Danny has been great," Sund said. "He's been here for the past two weeks working out. I don't think that's the question. The real question is how will his knee hold up?"

Fortson played in just two games after coach Bob Hill took over Jan. 3 and missed the final 46 games of the season because of what the team described as a sore left knee.

Privately, several people with knowledge of the situation said Fortson's injury was only part of the reason he wasn't playing, and they described the situation as a potential powder keg.

And a bit lower:

Former Sonic Tom Chambers will be honored at a team ceremony and conduct a children's basketball clinic at 10:45 a.m. Saturday at Daniel Bagley Elementary school.

Tom Chambers deserves the love. Funnily enough I never saw much of him as a Sonic but remember him well as a KJ and Majerle-era Phoenix Sun. Ho-lee crap can that team shoot or what?

So that's the three mid-80s Sonics honored (X-Man, Chambers, and Ellis) and Kemp's been feted as well. When do we get the love for the Glove and my man Stoner Sam?

The Seattle Times praises Ray and Ra's charitable efforts at Cleveland High School. A bit late but welcome nonetheless. I am disappointed that the Times didn't work in a reference to cultural impact as I think it important to remind duly elected jackass-in-chief Nick Licata of his inane comments.

Word of the Day: pusillanimous. And to think I learned it from the Butthole Surfers.

Huh? ESPN was a phone company? Who pitched that idea, the same guys who came up with New Coke?

That's most of the Sonic news for today, around the league Bonzi Wells signs with the Rockets. Houston has a fairly interesting team. Scott and I think they'll need better PG play to go deep in the playoffs, but I understand the need to have some depth at the swing positions behind T-Mac. The one-year deal with player option is pretty nice for both sides. No reason for Bonzi to sign a long term commitment as long as T-Mac and Battier are under contract, if he has a nice year he can hit the FA market next season.

Former Duke star and erstwhile Chicago Bulls draft pick Jay Williams will attend camp with Nets, according to Nets GM Rod Thorn. This has been an on-again, off again story with Williams seesawing between the Nets and Sixers. In the same story the Nets have desperately been trying to trade proven cancer Jeff McInnis but so far no takers. The team is trying to come to a buyout agreement.