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Rounding out the Rotation: The Final Piece

While the last several editions of "Rounding Out the Rotation" have debated the merits of specific players within the 9 man rotation this particular forum is much more conceptual. has learned that a number of unexpected players have been working out with the Sonics in recent days. These players in some cases have local roots, and in others are NBA names that, while not stars by any stretch would be recognized and suprise many readers. What is not known at this time is whether these players are simply in to provide bodies at practice, working out to stay in shape, or in actual consideration for the roster. With that in mind we ask the question, what should the Sonics bee looking for to fill the final one or two roster spaces available?

Noel Felix is under contract and, as we've been remindedm the likely 13th player on the roster the team is likely to add one, possibly two additional players. It is our understanding that Mike Wilks is currently training in Sacramento and has not recieved word of an invitation back with the team.

With an extremely young roster and an an already heavy emphasis on player development the organization could turn to a league veteran capable of coming off the bench for short spurts either situationally, or in case of an injury. Bringing in a veteran to work with the young players and teach them how to win would appease star Ray Allen and make a lot of sense overall. However with a role that is expected to be minimal they could instead opt for youth and take a flyer on a player with the potential to contribute one or two years down the road. In terms of position it is obvious that their frontcourt is very full, but extremely unproven. Perhaps they settle on a veteran big man to mentor the young players or settle on a third PG after last season proved how essential stability at that position can be. asks you to be the GM. Who do you at look to round out the roster and why?