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Daily Roundup 1.16.07

I don't know about you but I'm getting just a little tired of snow ...

So I'm rounding up from home today folks, I'm right in the middle of a pretty rotten cold. The good: not having to go to work. The bad: cabin fever & boredom setting in. The ugly: daytime TV. No matter how hard I try I simply can not muster the energy to give even the slightest of shits about who was best & worst dressed at the Golden Globes last night.

Some old news in here but bear with me:

Sonics sign Andre Brown to a second 10-day. It won't surprise me if they end up signing him for the rest of the season. The hustle's contagious, his block on Deron Williams was the defining moment of that game and at this point unless management can literally acquire Dale Davis for some slightly used New Coke basketballs and a second round pick it's not worth changing things up too much.

Bron Bron & the beasts of the East in town tonight.

"The problem with this guy, when he gets a defensive rebound and leads a break," Sonics coach Bob Hill said, "I've never in my life seen a player of his size as fast with the ball as he is. And he knows it. So he just takes that ball right down the middle of the court.

"And to take a charge on him, you're gonna get hurt, so consequently no one takes a charge. He's a special, special player."

With a much more effective supporting cast around him this year than previously, I might add. Mike Brown's done a fine job with that club this year.

Will Ray let 'em fly again tonight?

"You can't stop Ray Allen because of how good of a shooter he is, how well he handles the ball and how well that team sets screens for him," James said. "You can't stop him. You just got to try and contain everybody else.

"Fifty-four points? Now our defense is not going to allow 54 points, but he is going to get some points. We know that."

Parking may enter into the equation of where to build a new arena. Look for a union spokeslug I won't name today to distort and utterly lie about the numbers to prove his point.

Two sources said the project now is closing in on $500 million, though Kneeland declined to confirm that figure.

“I don’t mean to jerk you around, but it depends on what you are looking at,” Kneeland said. “We are trying to push the number down. The number came in higher than anticipated primarily because of the cost of parking. We are working on different avenues to deal with the parking issue. I don’t have a number for you now, but it was higher than we anticipated.

“I don’t think the arena is that much more expensive, but the ancillary stuff, the parking, is driving the price up.”

I'll close with this gem from Frank's blog:

The Sonics called the Pistons to inquire about Dale Davis, but the Pistons asked for either Earl Watson or Luke Ridnour.

I wouldn't make that trade in fantasy hoops let alone real life. And as Frank rightly points out it probably doesn't matter anyways.

Have a nice day, drive safe if you are driving.