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Daily Roundup 1.22.07

Chicago vs. Indy in two weeks. Contrary to some opinions I heard expressed over the weekend, the Hawks would not beat either NE or Indy had they made it past Chicago.

I steadfastly refuse to get into the arena stuff today. However I found this column interesting as it seems the move from KJR to KTTH will effectively halve the Sonics coverage in the region next year.

That's a Walkerian blunder of fairly sizeable proportions. I didn't care for the move to KTTH in the first place although I doubt I would be more inclined to listen to the game on the radio vs. watching TV. That's no knock on Locke or the radio product, just the way I personally take in the games. Anyhow, for a region as spread out as this one that is a mistake. They need all the coverage they can get. Unless this is just one more prelude to moving out the team would be wise to take a page from the Mariners marketing strategy (just one page mind you; there's not a lot worth taking from that model either) and think regionally ... promote the Sonics as not just Seattle's team but Eastern Washington's, Central & Southern Washington's, etc. A good friend that used to post on the ESPN boards back in the day would rail about the lack of coverage in Spokane and elsewhere east of the mountains and he was totally right. Had they pursued that strategy 7-8 years ago they might find more support overall in the State. Day late and a dollar short now.

Percy stops just short of calling Melo a knucklehead ... Dude, he's from Syracuse what did you expect???

And since there's not a whole lot of non-arena stuff to chew on today; I don't get this move unless Holmgren's quitting next year. Mora had his pick of head coaching jobs this offseason with several legacy teams ('Phins, Raiders, Steelers) looking for replacements and he's only 45. Taking a position coach's job is definitely a step backwards, regardless of the local connection. And local connection itself is a vastly overrated commodity IMO.

Does UW athletic director Todd Turner, a staunch defender of Tyrone Willingham, stand up to demands from some influential alums who insist that only a Husky lead the Huskies?

Does Mora, with no college coaching experience, even want to spend a chunk of his life eating stale cookies in overheated kitchens trying to explain to 17-year-olds how cool Husky Stadium is going to be in five, 10 or 15 years?

Fair point. I wonder if Thiel's claim is true ... if so, let me see was Don James a Husky? And exactly how has that school fared with alumni in charge recently? Too often local connection is a euphemism for making excuses if a guy sucks or just an excuse not to conduct the best search possible, and in a business like pro or collegiate sports there's too many good candidates out there not to do due diligence.

Heh heh. I said do due...