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Daily Roundup 1.23.07

Locke opines that if you want it, you just got to believe. Or maybe that was Lenny Kravitz.

Here come the Nuggs with serious firepower. And Ray with a parting shot.

No NBA teammates have ever played through a season averaging at least 30 points each. The last tandem to finish first and second in scoring were Alex English (28.4) and Kiki Vandeweghe (26.7) of the 1982-83 Nuggets.

“It is an amazing feat to be able to do that,” Allen said. “There are going to be a lot of nights where you have to score 40 because some nights you are going to score 15. To be successful … they will have to learn to play with each other.”

Allen has a unique perspective because his coach in Milwaukee, ex-Sonics coach George Karl, is now coaching the Nuggets.

When Allen was asked how Karl handled the egos of his Big Three (Allen, Robinson and Cassell) in Milwaukee, Allen smiled and said, “That’s why I’m here in Seattle,” implying that Karl didn’t handle it, so he chose to trade Allen for Gary Payton instead.

Allen added that Karl has had problems with players who have larger reputations than his own.

“I think he taught me a lot, but people in Milwaukee got tired of him just as they did here,” Allen said. “It all boils down to how they win.”

Ray also gives Dave Boling a shooting clinic.

“I get here when I do so I can have the court to myself,” Allen explained. “In regular warm-ups, you can shoot three or four in a row and never see if it goes in or not. There might be a big man down low shooting jump hooks and knocking your ball away. I need to see the ball go through the hoop.”

Allen started the routine “eight or nine years ago,” and has adapted it as he discovered more about what he needed to do every night on the floor. “I had to learn what my game was,” he said.

“Going into my third year, I realized what my main contribution would be, shooting 3s, playing in transition, coming off quick picks.”

Couple of stories on Andre Brown today: Go 2 Guy's, and then Percy's.

"There's a lot of opportunities that I left on the table by not going [directly] to the D-League," Brown said. "It's not always about the money. You just got to trust yourself. It's fair to say that I didn't trust myself back then.

"Even if I don't make it with the Sonics, I learned to trust myself and I know that I can play in this league. I know I'm going to make it. It's taking me longer than other guys, but I also appreciate it more because of what I've been through."

Arena stuff, Bellevue and Renton, etc.

Frank also reports Ray's shot at Karl. Actually, that's on his blog so I should say blogs.

Taking stock halfway

"I think that this team has gone through just about every distraction you could possibly go through," Hill said. "Half the season with the schedule like it was, the travel problems that we've had, the injuries that we've had, the expectations, the new ownership, the 40th anniversary, it's just been one thing after another. To their credit, they have fought through it."

Pepsi Center article.
I've been to the Pepsi Center and it is nothing less than a fantastic venue for both hoops and concerts. It's a little big for hoops, with three levels, but that's the definition of "multipurpose". Sadly, I doubt that either the politicians nor the population of Seattle have their respective **** together enough to make something like it happen up here. This is Seattle, home of the half ass solution.