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Daily Roundup 1.26.07

Can we all agree that we don't want to be at work today? Umm, yeah, Umm.

Nice win for the Dawgs last night. What a bizarre year in NCAA hoops.

To paraphrase Mike Seely, Kevin McHale: the white Isiah Thomas.

Those were all McHale's calls. He decided to make an illegal deal with Smith that cost the Timberwolves three first-round picks, all of whom would be in their prime at this point, helping out Garnett. He spent Minnesota's first draft pick in four years on a high school kid named Ndudi Ebi, passing on players such as Leandro Barbosa and Josh Howard, who were taken by the Suns and Mavericks, respectively.

Ah Ndubi Ebi...

Andre Brown has now had the taped name taken off his locker. At least I hope so.

Brown has brought energy off the bench and has made key plays, including an impressive block of a Deron Williams layup in an overtime win over the Utah Jazz.

"I think that's when the rest of the guys embraced him," guard Earl Watson said. "Even when you get to the NBA, you have to get the respect of your teammates, and at that point, I think he did. More guys started talking to him, including him in conversations."

Bob Hill faces his former assistant tonight as the Sonics take on the TWolves.

"We might see some changes," Hill speculated of Minnesota. "I would doubt Randy would play as much zone. He's more of a man-to-man guy. But I don't think they've had time to do a whole lot of changing."

Also, Rashard practices, Sene will be back with the club tonight, and Earl's shoulder is bruised but otherwise OK. Locke blogs about yesterday's practice. Earl didn't participate, I have a feeling he may play but we'll see.

Some nice shots at Charley Rosen and Ron Artest today.