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Daily Roundup 1.03.07

79 cents or I piss on your flowers!

David Locke he has a blog, e-i-e-i-o.

And on that blog he wrote this note, e-i-e-i-o.

They played a box and one. When Ray Allen got hot the Mavericks played a box-and-one. I am certain that in my 15 years in the NBA I have never seen someone play a box-and-one.
They only played it a little, but the point was still made. The box-and-one is played in high school when there is a one dominant player and four guys who can’t beat you. It is inconceivable to play it in the NBA because it the floor is too big to allow 4-on-4 for the rest of the guys. Obviously, if Rashard is healthy you can’t play the box-and-one, but the fact the Mavericks coaches thought that it might work and would be a good idea is astounding.

Road losing streak drops to 9 games

Chris Wilcox, coming off his best game of the season, had perhaps his worst, totaling two points and three rebounds in 12 minutes, clearly frustrating coach Bob Hill with his inconsistency at a time when Hill needs another player to fill the void left by an injury to Rashard Lewis.

In all, the Sonics were outrebounded by Dallas, 58-30, including 21-7 on the offensive end. The disparity allowed Dallas to outscore Seattle, 34-7, in second-chance points.

“We had no toughness on the defensive end,” Allen said. “We would force them to miss shots and we would not grab the rebound.”

A year ago today ...

On Sunday, however, Weiss said he had wanted to start Swift ahead of former Sonic Vitaly Potapenko.

"I was at the point where the day before I got fired, I had decided we just weren't big enough inside [and] that it was time to go with the young guys," Weiss said. "I was going to start Robert. Bob started [Johan] Petro, but I would have gone with Robert. Otherwise, I don't know what else I could have done."

Earl puts it straight

"I can't tell you the last time I lost nine in a row in any fashion, on the road, at home or whatever," said reserve guard Earl Watson, who finished with 15 points, six assists and five rebounds. "That's not coaching. I don't care who is coaching, you shouldn't lose nine games like that. That's about toughness and having an attitude, and tonight we didn't have that."

Gary Washburn has a hint, e-i-e-i-o.

With Rashard Lewis out, the Sonics can't have that type of production (or lack thereof) from Wilcox. Look for the Sonics to seek out a big man in the next few days. Look out for Justin Williams from Dakota of the NBDL. He is the league leader with 12.3 rebounds and has grabbed double-digit rebounds in 10 or 12 games for the Wizards. He is a pure rebounder and the Sonics desperately need someone like an Erick Dampier who focuses on rebounding and defense.

Hill keeps lobbying for a big man and he should get his wish soon.