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Daily Roundup 01.30.07

On the road again ... or better yet, how about the Road Warriors?

“I want to see consistency,” Hill said. “I want to see what we have done at home and bring it on the road. It’s a funny group. We have always been, since I have been here, a good team on the road. Last year I thought we played better on the road than at home. We have been in a lot of those games on the road, but we have not been able to win them. With the addition of the zone (defense) and the new chemistry, I am really anxious to see how we do in Dallas and Houston.”

Me too.

Mo got a cup of coffee, now welcome to Idaho

“We have seen an improvement in his presence, just the way he is walking,” Hill said. “He is bigger, he is stronger, I think he has more confidence. I watched him work out before the game and he is just doing things more confidently. I see a big difference in him.”

I'll bet he gets sent back down after the Houston game.

Looks like Percy took the Willie Nelson analogy too. It does kinda write itself.

[Sene] tallied a career-high 10 points Sunday and could secure a spot with the Sonics with a few more impressive outings. He also had three blocks in the last meeting against Dallas.

"The most comforting thing to me is the fact that when I look down the bench, we got another big guy to help Johan [Petro] and Nick [Collison]," Hill said. "The last time we were in Dallas, Sene had a good game defensively so we'll see how it goes.

"Hopefully we can rebound from [Sunday], but Dallas is definitely built to win championships."

I hope Mo goes off for 20 an 20 but realistically speaking he got his buckets in garbage time so let's not go nuts. It'd just be nice to see him play 15 mpg without fouling out, I'll take 5 pts 5 rebs and a couple of blocks and be happy with that.

Nice move by Memphis to sign Will Conroy. The Logo still has it.

It's been too long since we talked about Robert Swift, so here's the update. I like how they compared his situation to Nene...imagine if Robert's gotten as bulked up as that guy. Never seen Nene that ripped.

"Our position on it is we have always felt it was going to take awhile," Sonics coach Bob Hill said. "He's probably at the most significant portion of the rehab right now. He's not going to see a lot of improvement in terms of lifting weights, but that's when you have to keep going and keep going. He's been very persistent, being in the weight room."