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Daily Roundup 1.31.07

Austin Croshere has a career night? He's still in the NBA??? No arena plan yet? It's all part of some nefarious plot, some maniacal misdeed, a Texas two-step of treachery! Or a threat from the infamous saltshakers from Skaro, the Daleks?

Have scrubs, will go off for 34

The Sonics' 13th consecutive road loss was similar to many of their previous away defeats. They played well enough to stay close for a chunk of the game but then relented defensively and were blown away.

"I'm not the coach, that's not my call, I just think it's more of a sense of urgency on all of our parts just to get to him and find him so he wouldn't get off all those open looks," Sonics swingman Damien Wilkins said. "He hit enough to make us say, 'OK, it's time to guard him.' We didn't do a very good job as a team of that. Those are corrections we have to make."

You think?

Even the beat writers seem down today.

If only for one night, the Sonics needed to double Croshere or put an athlete such as Mickael Gelabale on the former Providence star because leaving him unguarded cost the Sonics the game. He scored 18 points in the fourth quarter as the Mavericks outscored the Sonics 37-22. The Sonics were dominated by a player who had missed the past four games and played 63 seconds in the fifth game.

It's beyond embarrassing and Sonics coach Bob Hill applauded his team's effort and said he was proud of how well they played during the first three quarters. But it would be same to assume that the managment brass that made the trip to Dallas wasn't as pleased with the effort. A lot of bad NBA teams lose valiantly and the Sonics are one of them.

Arena update if you care. Coming soon to a Legislature session near you.

Trib's take on the same situation

Frigging Croshere? The domestically grown hydroponic version of the late great Vladi Chuck-A-Three-O-Vic? I was so disgusted I tuned out shortly after halftime. These games are getting predictable. I plead with ownership, figure out what the hell you are doing with this team. Who's the GM next year...if it isn't Sund then I don't expect to see any movement at the deadline, surely not a major trade the new regime is going to have to live with...too much running in place, too many mismatched parts. As Mr. Baker so eloquently spoke yesterday (I'm gonna paraphrase him though, it's my prerogative, I can do what I wanna do) we have one PG who cannot defend the chair I'm sitting in and another who cannot run a half court offense. Is this tolerable? Is this acceptable? Management was at this game last night, what did they think?

Jason Terry honored at Franklin, how I wish we had you here Jet.

Rashard to return Feb. 8th from the same story.

Hill plans to let Lewis decide if he wants to come off the bench or return as a starter in his first game.

When Lewis comes back, Damien Wilkins or free-agent rookie Andre Brown will drop from the rotation. Hill said he prefers a nine-man rotation.

Lewis' return might also prompt more playing time for point guard Luke Ridnour, who lost his starting job Jan. 6 to Earl Watson. Hill has repeatedly said Ridnour plays better with Ray Allen and Lewis because they spread the floor and allow him to create offensively in the middle.

My only question is why would Damien Wilkins still be on the roster ... Gelly has taken his minutes. I said before I wouldn't let an outgoing GM pull the trigger on a blockbuster deal (unless they have a real shot at a J. O'Neal or a Gasol) but minor deals involving Watson or Wilkins, sure.

So Rockets tonight at 5:30. At this point I find myself wondering if it's going to be Juwan Howard or Scott friggin' Padgett that lights us up tonight. Prove me wrong ...